• Autumn Royal

    Seedless variety, sweet flavor, firm texture, and dark nutritious skin, make this grape a favorite among grape enthusiasts everywhere.

    Bunch: Conical shape, black opaque color, medium to big size, green and firm pedicel.

    Grape:  Large, oval, black opaque color, crunchy and white pulp, semisweet flavor, thin and firm skin.

  • Black Seedless

    • Large, oval, black opaque color white pulp
    • Semi-crunchy, thin and firm skin
    • Semi-sweet, sugary flavor

  • Crimson Seedless

    Blush-red, firm, crisp, medium sized berries with a sweet-tart flavor.

    Bunch: Conical shape, bright red, medium to big size, green and firm pedicel.

    Grape: Large, oval, deep red, crunchy and white pulp, sweet taste, thin and firm skin.

    Around the world, people have loved these grape’s large, sweet, crisp berries for years. When these berries ripen, there’s nothing better!

  • Flame Seedless

    • Medium-sized, round and slightly flattened, bright red, seedless
    • Thin and fine skin, crunchy, firm and colorless pulp
    • Sweet/tart flavor

  • Perlette

    White and waxy appearance, seedless, firm flesh, crisp and juicy, skins thin and tender.  Earliest maturing California white grape and a popular grape import from Chile.

    This variety has a light green color, giving it an almost pale, translucent appearance. It’s berries are round, crisp and seedless. In French, Perlette means small pearl.

  • Princess

    Sweet and subtly tart, the Princess Seedless variety offers grape lovers a refreshing, firm, and Muskat-like eating experience. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy these subtle, well-textured, and well-flavored berries!

    • Large, greenish-white, cylindrical, seedless
    • Crunchy and firm
    • Sweet and subtly tart in flavor

  • Queen Rose

    Bunch: Round shape, dark red color, medium and large size, firm pedicel.

    Grape: Big and round, seedless, dark red color, crunchy, firm and colorless pulp, semi-sweet. Very thick and firm skin.

  • Red Globes

    Very large, sweet, seeded berries popular for eating and decorating during the holidays.

    Bunch: Rounded dark or light red, medium to large size, green and firm pedicel.

    Grape: Big and rounded, dark or light red, white pulp, semi-crunchy, semi-sweet flavor, thin and firm skin.

    One of the last seeded berries widely traded, the Red Globe variety boasts massive, round, and sweet berries. Because of this, they’re a huge favorite in Europe and Asia. Available August-November, these grapes are a must have for any festive occasion.

  • Sugraone

    The Sugraone Seedless variety has been a worldwide favorite for years. This large, elongated, green grape has left many consumers wanting more. Subtle flavor and loads of style, this grape is perfect for any occasion.

    Bunch: Conical shape, green color, medium to big size, green and firm pedicel.

    Grape: Oval cream green color, crunchy, colorless and firm pulp, sweet to semi-sour flavor, thick skin.

  • Summer Royal

    Blue-black in color, round to slightly oval, the Summer Royal has a sweet, distinctive flavor and a firm texture. It is especially tasty as a snack or in salads.

    • Medium-sized, blue-black, round to slightly oval, seedless
    • Firm and crisp in texture
    • Sweet-neutral flavor

  • Scarlet Royal

    • Large, red, oval, seedless
    • Translucent, pale yellow-green flesh
    • Sweet-neutral flavor; firm and crisp

  • Sweet Celebration®

    • Large, bright pink to dark red, oval, seedless
    • Very crispy
    • Sweet and rich in flavor, low acid finish in taste

  • Thompson

    • Medium to large, greenish-white to golden color, oblong, seedless
    • Thin and fine skin; crunchy, firm and colorless pulp
    • Sweet to semi-sour flavor

  • Timco

    • Large, slightly elongated, intense red color, seedless
    • Crisp and crunchy
    • Sweet-tart flavor

  • Jacks Salute®

    • Large, elongated to slight oval, red seedless
    • Firm to crispy in texture
    • Mild fragrance and flavor

  • Sweet Globe®

    • Large, greenish-white, round to oval, seedless
    • Very crunchy
    • Sweet and rich in flavor, low acidity

  • Sugar Crisp®

    • Medium to large, elongated, green color, seedless
    • Crispy texture
    • Sweet flavor