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Longstanding relationships

Pacific Trellis Fruit represents an extensive group of growers from all over the world in addition to farms we operate ourselves. The long-term partnership with our growers is a result of years of trusted relations developed from working with them hands-on to grow produce of exceptional quality. Our growers rely on the professionalism of our team to provide the capital, accounting, quality control, packaging, and logistics to bring fresh produce from the initial stages of farming to our customer’s store display.

Information at your fingertips

Our growers benefit not only from the dedicated attention of our support team but also gain from our exclusive online web system. Pacific Trellis Fruit’s Grower Access System, from it’s initial inception, was an industry first developed to allow greater communication and transparency between grower and shipper. The system provides our growers and quality control team access to complete and up-to-date information regarding their fruit. The system is available 24×7 from anywhere in the world over the Internet. This unique system is exclusively developed in-house by our information technology team and continues to evolve overtime with input from the needs of our field team but most importantly our grower partners. Where other’s may stop at simple static financial reports, we’ve truly separated ourselves by integrating information from initial packing to final liquidation for a truly dynamic experience. Shipment information, product photos, trouble reports, inspections, packout detail, and statements are just some of the information that’s readily available in both English and Spanish to our growers with a few simple mouse-clicks!