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Dulcinea® Summer Melons are Here!

Our juicy and full-flavored melons, ready for any occasion, will be in stores soon.

Our Melons
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Celebrating 25 Years of Pacific Trellis Fruit

To learn more about our unique history and product line expansion, click the link below.

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NEW Delicious and Sweet Stone Fruit

Our new varieties are here to remind you of happy and warm summer days!

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Sweet. Juicy. Legendary.

At Pacific Trellis Fruit, we are passionate about providing you with the best-tasting produce for any season.

We are committed to growing sweet, juicy melons, delicious grapes, tasty stone fruit, flavorful cherries, and healthy, nutritious citrus for you and your family to enjoy.

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Frozen Grape Lemonade Pops
Featured Recipes

Dulcinea® Frozen Grape Lemonade Pops

A cool summertime treat that is great for the whole family to enjoy!

Pureheart Ginger Watermelon Salad With Grilled Lime Vinaigrette1
Featured Recipes

Dulcinea® PureHeart® Watermelon Salad with Grilled Lime Vinaigrette

Light and delicious salad that is a great compliment to grilled fish or chicken.

Cantaloupe Salsa
Featured Recipes

Dulcinea® PureHeart® and Tuscan-Style® Extra Sweet Cantaloupe Salsa

Italian flavor with a twist, dip your chips in this tasty salsa of refreshing watermelon, cantaloupe, Anaheim chili, avocado and cilantro.

Our Fruit

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Home Fruit Melons
Our Melons

Available year-round, our PureHeart® is the original mini-seedless watermelon, unrivaled to this day. Similarly, the Tuscan-Style® Extra Sweet Cantaloupe sets the standard in its category. While we’re on the subject of ‘unique’: Have you tried SunnyGold®, our yellow mini-seedless?

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Home Fruit Citrus
Our Citrus

With everything we offer we select and source only the best. Our citrus fruit is no different. So far, we have added Easy Peelers and Navel Oranges that live up to our expectations. We continue to look for extraordinary fruit, so we invite you to check back for newcomers to our citrus line-up.

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Home Fruit Cherries
Our Cherries

We are proud to offer high-quality, sweet, and premium cherries from Chile and Argentina! They are in limited supply from November to February so get them while you can.

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Home Fruit Stone Fruit
Stone Fruit
Our Stone Fruit

Whether we’re talking plums, nectarines, or peaches, we bring you only the ‘best of crop’. Peaches, you ask? How about white and yellow peaches? Same for nectarines. Or special plum varieties. Explore below.

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Home Fruit Grapes V2
Our Grapes

Grapes are always in season ‒ and we make sure to offer you the best varieties, always. Red, green or black … we bring you the newest and best domestically and from around the globe.

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Our dedication goes beyond ensuring top-notch product quality and responsible sourcing; it encompasses a wider outlook. In our endeavors, we have proactively sought alliances with groups like Fair Trade USA, CCOF, and the Rainforest Alliance. Our goal is to advocate for a mindful method in growing our produce, placing equal emphasis on environmental sustainability and human welfare.

Our Commitment
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The Dulcinea Way

Dulcinea Farms starts by asking which qualities are most important to you. Then we find the best seed and the best-growing partners to bring you the best produce Mother Nature has to offer. Strict growing practices, consistent quality assurance, and harvesting fruit at its peak are all part of living up to our promise of providing you the ultimate eating and taste experience…. every time.

Follow Our Legendary Journey