Fruit of Legendary Perfection.

  • PureHeart: The one and only ORIGINAL mini bursting with flavor!
  • Tuscan-Style Cantaloupes are ALWAYS RIPE and ready to eat!
  • Celebrate taste and flavor with simply irresistible recipes!
  • PureHeart's are sweet, juicy, extra crisp and can be enjoyed year-round.
  • Tuscan-Style Cantaloupes are in-store now! Let the distinctive grooves be your ripeness indicator.
  • PureHeart mini's are carefully grown, hand picked and delivered fresh.
  • Dulcinea promises to bring you the best tasting produce in EVERY season!
  • PureHeart mini's feature heart-of-the-melon flavor all the way to the ultra-thin rind.
  • Look for the winking sun in your produce aisle!
  • PureHeart mini's are a perfect size for you and your family.
  • Keep it fresh with irresistible flavors and a delicious variety!
  • Watermelon gets its red color from the antioxidant lycopene.
  • Tuscan-Style Cantaloupes are full flavored.
  • PureHearts are 20-30% sweeter than other minis.
  • Add flavor to your dishes and to your life with Dulcinea savory recipes.
  • Delivering Fruit of Legendary Perfection isn't just our tagline, it's our promise.
  • PureHeart's offer more delicious edible watermelon than other mini's.
  • Tuscan-Style Cantaloupes - Distinctive Grooves. Always Ripe.
  • Try our new Melon Teasers that are irresistible, unique and delicious!
  • Dulcinea is a trusted brand name that stands behind quality and taste.
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