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Pacific Trellis Fruit Launches Exclusive JAM Grapes


LOS ANGELES, CA – All is not quiet on the grape front, as Pacific Trellis Fruit announced the successful launch of its new black seedless grape, JAM GRAPES. This variety is exclusive to the company’s lineup and comes as a result of Pacific Trellis’ close collaboration with Labrunier, one of Brazil’s largest table grape producers.

“With the increased focus on flavor and taste in new grape varieties, we knew we had a potential winner on our hands here,” stated Josh Leichter, General Manager of Pacific Trellis Fruit and Dulcinea Farms, in a press release.

The JAM grapes, developed by EMBRAPA in Brazil, offer a unique experience with their concord-type flavor and high brix.


Leichter added that, “Based on some of the successes we are seeing with the early distribution of the JAM grapes, we expect to have it back for the spring when Brazil starts their first semester harvest.”
The press release noted that in order to ensure premium quality and supply, availability is currently limited: from now through early to mid-January. The fruit is being offered in 2lb clamshells as well as random weight bags.



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