Our Story

Pacific Trellis Fruit, our parent company, has been in business since 1999. Since then we have become one of America’s top year-round growers, shippers and marketers of premium fresh fruits like table grapes, cherries, plums, nectarines, peaches and more.
Dulcinea Farms joined Pacific Trellis Fruit in 2014, expanding our lineup to include tasty mini and full-size seedless melons as well as cantaloupes. More recently, we have added easy peelers and navel oranges as well as grapes to the Dulcinea portfolio.

The Dulcinea Difference

We do not start by optimizing to grower specifications and requirements, focusing on high yield and long shelf-life first …

Because, at Dulcinea, we understand that the most important thing thing is: Reliably great-tasting fruit.

The way we make this a reality is by being control of the process: We control the growing, shipping and marketing of our products — from seed-to-table, if you will.

Enabling us to put that Dulcinea-label on every melon, knowing we have done everything we can to bring you Fruit of Legendary Perfection.

The Dulcinea Way

Dulcinea Farms starts by asking which qualities are most important to you.

Then we find the best seed and the best growing partners to bring you the best produce Mother Nature has to offer. Strict growing practices, consistent quality assurance, and harvesting fruit at its peak are all part of living up to our promise of providing you the ultimate eating and taste experience, every time.


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  • Arizona
  • Texas
  • Midwest
  • Southeast
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
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  • Peru
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