We listen to you.

We only grow what you want with the flavor you want.
That’s what makes us different.

Dulcinea Farms started by asking what qualities were most important to you. We searched and found the perfect seed; the best growers and grew the best quality produce to bring you fruit of legendary perfection.

Our passion for perfection provides you with the most unique, best tasting produce Mother Nature has to offer.

The Dulcinea Difference

The Dulcinea difference stems from strict growing practices and harvesting fruit at its peak to ensure you get the quality you deserve. We’ve all become accustomed to produce that looks good yet tastes less than how it should. This provided us the inspiration to go back to the basics. The result is a company focused on the goal of providing the ultimate eating experience.

The Dulcinea Farms family knows how important your family is to you, so we invite you to be part of our family - From Seed to Table.