• PureHeart® Mini-Seedless Watermelons

    Perfectly sweet and delicious, these popular minis are conveniently sized, always seedless and available year-round. Packed full of Vitamins A and C; they are nutritious, have zero fat and no cholesterol. These field grown minis offer fantastic flavor, a sweet aroma and are the perfect size to snack on the go.

  • Organic PureHeart® Mini-Seedless Watermelons

    Certified organic, these mini melons are seedless, have a gorgeous bright red color and are hand-picked fresh off the vine. Rich source of Vitamins A and C, Lycopene, and Potassium.Good for you and good for your heart, these watermelons are sure to please.

  • SunnyGold® Mini-Seedless Watermelons

    • Available April – September.
    • Sweet, juicy and full of watermelon flavor Every time.
    • Thin rind: Easy-to-cut. More fruit to eat.
    • Vine-ripened, hand-harvested.

  • Sugar Daddy® Seedless Watermelons

    • Available almost year-round.
    • Juicy & red on the inside.
    • Full size with the convenience of being seedless.
    • Vine-ripened and hand-harvested.