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Yellow Nectarines

These nectarines have smooth skin, blushed with hues of ruby, pink and ivory throughout. Their flesh is an orange-yellow color. If you’re looking for flavor on the tangy side tangy, look for yellow nectarines – as they are more acidic and contain less sugar. AVAILABILITY: December – April


A delicate, sweet to semi-sour flavor, thin and fine skin for a crunchy bite. AVAILABILITY: June ‒ November

Scarlet Royal

With a sweet to neutral flavor and translucent, pale yellow-green flesh, these large, dark-red, oval grapes have a firm and crisp crunch. AVAILABILITY: July – December

Summer Royal

Firm and crisp in texture, blue-black in color, round to slightly oval, the Summer Royal has a sweet to neutral flavor. It is especially tasty as a snack or in salads. AVAILABILITY: May ‒ October

Sweet Globe®

Crunchy, with rich fruity flavor and low acidity. AVAILABILITY: April – June and August – November

Queen Rose

The very think and firm skin holds juicy flesh and offers a very mild sweetness.


Sweet and subtly tart, the Princess Seedless variety offers grape lovers a refreshing, firm, and hints of Muskat-flavor.


A grape with firm, juicy, sweet flesh. Also great in desserts (or for raisins!).

Flame Seedless

The sweet-tart flavor under a thin, fine skin make for a great eating experience. AVAILABILITY: May – October

Crimson Seedless

A crispy texture and a smooth sweet-tart flavor are what sets this grape apart and have made it a perennial favorite. AVAILABILITY: April – June and August – November