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Cherries are usually dark-skinned, but can be light in color as well. While darker usually means more intense flavor, what they all have in common is their firm flesh and unmistakable taste and aroma. We are proud to bring you only the best fruit from Argentina and Chile – enjoy them ‘fresh off the stem’, … Continued

JAM Grapes

NEW Jam Grapes are exclusive to us. Hailing from Brazil, this black, seedless grape checks all the right boxes: flavor reminiscent of Concords, extra sweet – with just the right balance between sugar level and acidity. Currently with limited availability, we are working hard towards bringing them to you most of the year. Stay tuned! … Continued

Easy Peelers

Selectively sourced from Chile, Peru & Uruguay, these are the first Easy Peelers that deserve to carry the Dulcinea-name. Sweet, seedless murcotts and clementines for an easy and healthy snack on-the-go. AVAILABILITY: May ‒ October

Red Globes

One of the last seeded berries widely available, Red Globes boast massive, round, and sweet berries that are semi-crunchy, with thin and firm skin. A huge favorite in Europe and Asia, these grapes are a must-have for any festivity ‒ for eating and decorating! AVAILABILITY: July ‒ January

Sugar Crisp®

What’s in a name? Exactly: Crispy texture, combined with a sweet flavor. AVAILABILITY: April – June and August – November


Deliciously crispy, this grape has a sweet, tart flavor. AVAILABILITY: April – June and August – November

Jacks Salute®

Firm to crispy, with a fruity taste, mild fragrance and flavor. AVAILABILITY: August – October


A mild, sweet to semi-sour taste paired with a crunchy and colorless, firm pulp has made this grape a longstanding favorite. AVAILABILITY: May ‒ August

Sweet Celebration®

Sweet and rich in flavor, with low acidity, these naturally large grapes will be very crispy. Limited availabilty window – but worth the wait! AVAILABILITY: August ‒ December

Yellow Peaches

Most peaches in the US are yellow-fleshed. These peaches have golden flesh, with a dark brown pit – in a deep yellow skin with a red/pink blush. They are more acidic than white peaches and their tartness will mellow as the peach ripens and softens. Great for eating fresh, of course – but also consider … Continued