• Altaulfo Mango

    The Ataúlfo aka young, baby, yellow, honey, Adaulfo, Adolfo, or Champagne is a mango cultivar from Mexico.  The gold-blushed yellow Ataulfos are much smaller than their cousins Tommies and Kents, generally weighing in between 6 and 10 ounces with a somewhat sigmoid or oblong shape.  A ripe Ataulfo is deep yellow, high in sugar (15 grams per 100-gram serving) with a rich sweet flavor. Couple of superior characteristics of this variety aside from the traditional richness in vitamin C and dietary fiber is the thin pit and the lack of stringy texture in the buttery flesh.

  • Tommy Atkins Mango

    Tommy Atkins mango is an oblong shaped fruit with a skin color of predominantly dark red blush with green/orange accents. The only way to test the ripeness of Tommy Atkins mangoes are to feel them, since their color will not change. It has a medium-high fiber in the pulp which creates a firm flesh. It is mild and sweet in flavor.

  • Kent Mangos

    Kent mangoes come in large, oval shapes and are dark green with a dark red blush. They have a juicy, tender flesh with limited fibers. Kent mangoes are ripe when yellow overtones or dots begin to spread over the skin of the mango. It is sweet and rich in flavor.