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Organic PureHeart®
Mini-Seedless Watermelons

ORGANIC PUREHEART® Certified organic, these mini melons are seedless, have a gorgeous bright red color and are hand-picked fresh off the vine. Rich source of Vitamins A and C, Lycopene, and Potassium. Good for you and good for your heart, these watermelons are sure to please.

Storage Tips
  • Store whole Organics at 48°- 55°F
  • Do not store Organics outside or in temperatures above 80°F
  • Avoid storing Organics with cantaloupes, bananas, apples, stone fruit, pears, avocados, grapes, kiwi, mixed melons, tomatoes or other ethylene producing produce. This will shorten the product’s shelf life
  • Always pre-wash your produce. Thoroughly scrub and wash in clean water before cutting and eating.

Fruit of Legendary Perfection.

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